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Who We Are

What is a "Jaycee"?

A Jaycee is a member of the Junior Chamber, a worldwide organization of young professionals that is not affiliated with any particular religion or political party. Jaycee members are men and women between the ages of 21-40, who meet regularly in local chapters to build connections and community. Famous Jaycees include Bill Clinton, Tom Monaghan (founder of Domino’s Pizza), JFK, Elvis Presley, Al Gore, Charles Lindbergh, Ted Turner and Prince Albert II of Monaco.



Our local Jaycee chapter is more than 80 years old, making us one of the oldest chapters in the state of Iowa, and the only remaining chapter in the Quad-Cities. We pride ourselves on blending social opportunities with service – like planning our Bridal Expo and having an after-party, hosting our Jaycee Santa program, and fundraising by connecting with the community through special brews! If you want to learn more, check out our Projects and Events pages.


Jaycee Fast Facts

  • Membership is $35 and helps cover chapter, region and state fees. We value the dues our members pay, and try to do our best to give you at least $35 worth of free food/drinks/event registrations throughout the year!

  • Just because you’re under 21 or over 40 doesn’t mean you can’t be involved. We welcome people of all ages who are looking to meet new people and make a difference while having fun!

  • Our events are inclusive – but members often pay a reduced rate at events and programs.

  • Jaycees and Jaycee events are eligible for local, regional and state awards – and te Quad Cities likes to bring home some hardware! In 2011, our Bridal Expo won top fundraising project in the nation!


Our Mission

The Jaycees of the Quad Cities aim to build personal and professional

relationships as we work together on projects to strengthen and grow

the Quad-Cities community. We hope to add new members to increase

the popularity of our shared interests. It is our shared vision that we

become the largest and best Jaycees chapter in the state of Iowa.


Jaycee Creed

We believe, that faith in God brings meaning and purpose to human life.

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations.

That economic justice can best be won by free man through free enterprise,

That government should be of laws rather than of men,

That earth's great treasure lies in human personality,

And that service to humanity is the best work of life.


Jaycee Urban Dictionary

CAB- Community Awards Banquet. This is held in the Spring and we acknowledge community and Jaycee leaders.
MNO- Membership Night Out. These are our social gatherings that are focused on obtaining new members. These vary from different things like Mallards Games, Pub Crawls, Progressive Dinners…
ID Events- Individual Development. These are little learning sessions, typically under 2 hours.
JCI- Jaycee International. Think of it as the corporate offices of our chapters.
Blue Chip- This is the badge or ranking system for the chapter. It’s how we win sweet swag and awards.
Degrees- Think of this as earning your Boy / Girl Scout badges. If you’re a 10th degree, you’re kind of a huge deal in Jaycee land.