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The Jaycees of the Quad Cities are committed to enhancing our community and supporting families and children. If you are in need of assistance please feel free to fill out our Donation Request Form and we will take your request into consideration. Additionally,  annually, we host a Community Awards Banquet giving homage to those who go above and beyond expectations. 

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Community Funding Requests

The Jaycees of the Quad Cities is a 501(c)(4) United States tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation. We are a civic organization that raises money through various fundraising events and member contributions. The revenue we derive each year is given back to our community in the form of various donations. Along with several multi-year commitments, the Jaycees welcome donation requests.


Donation Guidelines

Each request is reviewed individually and donations are granted on a case by case basis. To be considered, application forms must be complete, legible, and submitted to the Jaycees of the Quad Cities Vice President of Community Development prior to the event. The Jaycees of the Quad Cities limits donations to groups/organizations that are formally recognized as a not-for-profit/charitable organization by the State of Iowa/Illinois and/or hold a 501(c)3 designation with the IRS.


The Jaycees of the Quad Cities does not donate to events that have taken place prior to the funding request. The board meets the first Tuesday of each month and reviews requests that have been received by the first of the month.


Generally these requests range from $200-$1,000. The board sets aside $4,000 annually for these requests. Larger donation requests, should see our Impact Projects Guidlines.


Our Focus:

The Jaycees of the Quad Cities has set forth guidelines for community donations in an attempt to concentrate on areas of need within our Greater Quad City community. Donation requests should fall within the following areas of interest:

  • Children and Families in Need or at Risk

  • Literacy

  • Poverty and Hunger

  • Environment

  • Education/School events

  • Violence/Community Safety

  • Individuals with Disabilities

  • Community Development


The Jaycees of the Quad Cities will consider requests outside of these areas when they meet needs within our community. The Jaycees of the Quad Cities Board of Directors has total discretion when considering any request for funding and is under no obligation to provide any basis or reason for denial of any funding request.



It is our experience that all requests are for a good cause, however, The Jaycees of the Quad Cities generally does not contribute to:

  • Individuals/groups/organizations that do not reside within the greater Quad Cities area.

  • Groups/organizations that are not formally recognized as a not-for-profit/charitable organization by the

  • State of Iowa/Illinois and/or hold a 501(c)3 designation with the IRS.

  • Benefits/fundraiser events for individuals.

  • Organizations of primarily religious or political focus.

  • Private business.

  • Business / agency /organizational employee events (i.e., Christmas parties, company/employee picnics, Prom).

  • Sponsorships of sporting teams.

  • Political Fundraising

  • Ongoing operating expenses

  • Salaries, benefits or administrative costs of start-up programming

  • Operating costs or recurring services


Donation Requests Process and Timeline

The process by which donations are granted requires the following:

1. The applicant/s download and fill out a Donation Request Form.

2. Once completed, please email the Donation Request Form to or mail to Jaycees of the Quad Cities, PO Box 3505, Davenport, IA 52809.

3. The Donation Request form will be reviewed in the order in which they are received, by the Board of Directors at the next available Board Meeting.

4. Applicant/s will be notified by phone and or email with the result of the funding request and donation amount, if any.


The process can take an average of 45 days or more. If your project needs funding by a specific date we recommend that you be sure and get your Donation Request submitted a minimum of 60 days in advance.


The Board of Directors meets monthly and Donation Requests are reviewed at this time. Multiple requests from the same organization or for the same event in the same calendar year will be considered at the discretion of the Board. If an organization is denied funding due to lack of information and resubmits with additional information requested their request will be considered as a non-duplicate request.


Impact Project Requests and Guidelines

The purpose of our community impact project is to create lasting change with measureable improvements for people in need in the Quad Cities area. The Jaycees of the Quad Cities wishes to invest in high performing organizations that provide programs and services that align with our mission and vision.


Please use this application as an introduction to the project or program you wish to have funded. This project should create a lasting, measurable impact on the Quad Cities area for many years to come.


Previous Community Impact Projects Funded

Hand In Hand Playground Improvement Project; Sensory Trail at Handicapped Development Center; Little League Baseball Field in Davenport; Jaycees Commons Playground at the Freight House Farmers Market; Library at Camp Abe Lincoln.


Eligible Organization

Any Quad Cities area not-for-profit organization with a 501(c)3 status.


Guidelines for Request

Every few years, the Jaycees of the Quad Cities search for projects or programs that create a large community impact for a minimum of $10,000 and a maximum of $25,000. Capital expenditures are within the consideration of this application (i.e. building, plans, construction, or renovation). An awarded organization will be required to submit interim six-month progress reports once the project has been approved by the Jaycees of the Quad Cities.


Keys to a Successful Partnership

  • Be sure that your project is consistent with the Jaycees of the Quad Cities’ mission and creed.

  • Explain why there is the need for this project or program in the Quad Cities.

  • Be specific in your description of the project or program. What will the project be? Where will it happen? How will it impact the community?

  • Have cost estimates mapped out before submitting your request. This should include bids from contractors, cost of materials, etc.

  • Include a budget for the project.

  • Have a timeline for the project in place. When is the project slated to begin? How long will it take?

  • Explain how the project or program will be sustained after the initial Jaycees of the Quad Cities investment. Be as specific as possible.

  • Explain how you will measure the success of the project or program.


Family Assistance Guidelines

The Jaycees of the Quad Cities seek to impact our community in a positive and meaningful way. While in the past this has included direct assistance to families, in recent years we have encouraged families instead to take advantage of the variety of service providers in our local community that address needs such as these through their service mission. Requests for individual family assistance may be submitted through written request on behalf of an individual family in need by a member of the Jaycees of the Quad Cities or by a recognized service provider. This request must state an adequate basis for the family’s need based on financial or other hardship. Each request will be reviewed individually and donations may be granted on a case by case basis.